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Normal Skin Still Needs Support

In continuation of my blog series in caring for different skin types, I’d like to share with you information about normal skin types.

People often believe normal skin is quite perfect and does not require regular skin care but this is a mistake. Our skin can change due to many factors like clothes, weather, diet, or time. Skin care is as necessary for normal skin as any other skin type. Its similar to accomplishing and maintaining a goal. Getting to a goal is one accomplishment and well-deserved but keeping status quo with that goal is very different.

As with maintaining goals, we must maintain our skin’s balance and try avoiding sudden changes such as proper eating, rest routines, good and bad habits, and psychology which is a very important factor as psychological changes can show very clearly on the skin.

Caring for your normal skin type may include using:

  • toner which helps to balance and deepen skin cleansing after cleansing;

  • anti-aging serums as our skin ages every day. After age 25 is when we may want to think of anti-aging methods;

  • moisturizing creams which are designed for all skin types to provide additional moisture; or

  • exfoliants once or twice a week with gentle skin scrubs.

An added benefit for any skin type is applying a nutritious mask made from cheap, safe ingredients available in the kitchen. Some household ingredients to combine include variations of egg whites, olive oil, coconut oil, potatoes, honey, red bean powder, soybeans powder, or fresh milk. All the above ingredients are rich in vitamins which are great for the skin care on your face. You may need to play with different combinations to find the right fit for your skin but natural ingredients are easier for your body or face to accept.

Finally, you’ve heard it time and time again. Remember to drink enough water as this is the cheapest and easiest foundation to use for skin care. The result and effect are more beneficial than expected

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