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Discipline in Skin Care

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post. I’m both excited and nervous about blogging but I love to talk about my personal experiences with beauty and body care. I am looking forward to sharing all there is to share and would love to hear from yourselves too. I hope sharing my experiences, and those of others, will help every reader learn and share something new for everyone. For now, please help me enjoy my first blog about skin care.

When visiting retail stores or shopping centers with its attractive lights and advertisements, I often find myself surrounded by a variety of beautiful people. Some with smooth skin and fragrances and some with hair to adore. The sales staff radiate these traits more so to entice and attract customers, including myself. They are friendly and persuasive with my thoughts flirting to have them sample the products on me. With hopes to mimic the sales rep’s desirable features, perhaps my skin will improve, the wrinkles will disappear or maybe the obnoxious brown spots will suddenly vanish! Maybe I can copy some of that firmness or glow like the salesperson!

I rush home enthusiastically after making a purchase to start applying my newly purchased product. The first use feels like it contains a few small miracles and everything is as the label reads. After the next day, the excitement diminishes a little but I still use as instructed. Two days pass, then three and my motivation slowly passes with time. Life responsibilities begin to take priority of my focus as I struggle with daily and family obligations, but my skin care needs attention as well. Many times I struggled to use my products as intended. I can’t speak for everyone but for myself I often purchase a product with excitement and telling myself this time will be different, however, reality plays a different game. We end up wasting the product in its random use because I did not apply as needed. I have tried many types of skin care and masking products, both expensive and cheap. I hope some of you can empathize when I tell you about my lazy feeling to continue using these products after a long day at work or caring for my family. I know this story all too well and have wondered why I spent my hard-earned money on this skin care product, or any other product for that matter.

When I reflect on the differences between skin care and cosmetic products, I understand that applying cosmetics is also time consuming but I can see the immediate results. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to see my efforts and artistic motions in effect so quickly. This is why I must not view skin care the same as applying make-up. Anyone can see the difference immediately after using make-up! Unfortunately, skin care doesn’t show the same results.

Skin regeneration and replacement cycles may take an average of 28 days, give or take, and the cycles may last longer as we age. Therefore, I should be more patient with what is thought to be that little miracle! No need to over-complicate my home skin care when I may only need a bit of “Me-Time” before bed. I often try to discipline myself before bed after a busy day.

First step, I cleanse my face by washing my skin and removing my makeup. I find this is an extremely important step and only needs 5 minutes. Second step, I sometimes use a skin care product or homemade solution and apply a little to my hands before applying it throughout my face. Massaging the product gently to penetrate deeply and evenly while watching movies, texting, chatting on the phone or simply relaxing on the sofa. Only a few minutes for my face and I'm sure it's not too hard to maintain every night. I try to discipline myself until it becomes a habit. After a week or two I begin to feel the smoothness of my skin, which starts to be the motivation to invest more of precious time and effort.

It took me many years but the lesson I’ve learned is to be disciplined with my skin care, not with money, but with my time and focus. Be diligent and determined and never stop caring! Love and respect ourselves! We only have one body in this life and we must discipline our time and effort to treasure it.

Titi Kim


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