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Receive a free candle and 2 bathbombs with a purchase of the special Mother's Day Body Care set!

That's $95 for a full retail value of $129!

Mother's Day .jpg

Treat mom to a spa treatment in the comfort of her own home with some natural lovin’! She will have a natural loofah to exfoliate and remove dead skin while soaking in a tub full of bath salts and bath bombs. Also remember the scented candle to massage her sense of smell for heightened relaxation. When finished nourishing her skin, she can wash away any remaining unwanted particles with natural body soap. When satisfied with cleanliness and peace of mind, massage her feet with extra oily foot balm and body oil or body lotion to feed those hungry pores.

See mom with smiles and love as she always should be enjoying every day.

If a face care set is preferred, choose from one of our carefully selected sets to help mom with her skin care journey.

After ordering, we will contact you for your choices of different scents or substitutions.

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