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Husking Coconuts

Aged coconuts are gathered without disrupting the natural course of coconut growth. Young coconuts are left alone not only for the coconut sustainability but also because the aged coconuts provide better quality oil. 


Husking is the process of removing the husk (outer shell) of the coconut by using a spike to naturally separate the husk from the inner coconut shell. 

The husk is used for a variety coconut based products which use textile fibers like floor mats, ropes and brushes.

Trimming the Coconut Shell

After Husking, the coconuts are then trimmed to remove the loose strains attached to the inner shell. This process allows the coconut meat to be isolated where the coconut oil rests.


Shaving the Coconut Shell

After trimming the majority of the inner coconut shell, a thin layer of coconut shell remains. The thin layer of coconut shell is shaved off with a peeling tool until only the coconut meat remains. 

The coconut shell peels are purchased by another manufacturer to further extract coconut oil for other purposes and coconut products.


Breaking Down the Coconut Meat

Within the hour, the pure coconut meat is unprocessed and broken down into smaller pieces for the cold-pressing process


Cold Pressing the Coconut Meat

The broken down coconut meat is then packaged into a special netting and stacked under a high powered pressing machine. The packaging is pressed to squeeze out the coconut oil from the special netting to extract the coconut oil while retaining the coconut meat.

The cold pressed coconut oil is filtered to remove the smaller coconut meat particles and only the pure coconut oil remains. 


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